About Cynetis Embedded

Clear goals:

Cynetis offers a range of innovative solutions for software design and development of embedded systems.

Our portfolio includes ARM Cortex-M MCU and RTOS training classes, professional-grade middleware components (TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, SSH, GUI librairies, File Systems…) as well as world class embedded software tools (IDE, Debugger, JTAG/SWD & TRACE probes).

For high-end embedded systems based on ARM Cortex-A MPUs, Cynetis promotes a broad range of System-on-Modules (SoM), Single Board Computers (SBC) and complete Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) targeting industrial, medical and vending machine markets.

Last but not least, we bring our expertise on both software (RTOS, Connectivity, Security, Embedded Linux) and hardware (ARM MCU/MPU) for a faster start of your embedded projects.

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